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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 5, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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follow me on twitter. i'm wolf blitzer. join us week days in the situation room from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. eastern and every saturday 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn and at this time every weekend on cnn international. the news continues next on cnn. it is your saturday night and we are tracking severe weather that is making its way across the southeastern u.s. it's already killed one person and injured a dozen in louisiana. a peaceful protest in the ivory coast. one moment a blood bath. just seconds later and you'll see the entire scene as it played out. women gunned down in the streets. the shooters, the government security forces. a new development in the ongoing drama that is charlie sheen. he is taking your questions live. we'll tell you about that. plus the ipad getting competition from blackberry.
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we're taking apart the playbook and looking at the ipad 2 headed to stores less than a year after its predecessor. i'm don lemon at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. a lot of news to get to right now. we start in north africa. u.s. military planes are now assisting people who have been stuck in tunisia after fleeing neighboring libya because of ongoing violence. more than 130 egyptian refugees today lifted to cairo aboard two planes. inside libya forces say they repelled pro gadhafi trims attempted to take the city of zawia near tripoli. a look how the u.s. military might respond just ahead. the unrest in libya and hel drive up crude oil prices. oil closed friday at $104 a barrel. the highest in three years. in the u.s., americans are feeling it at the gas pumps.
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some places have soared above $4 a gallon. as of right now, the national average is about $3.50 a gallon. virginia police say they are breathing a sigh of relief after the capture of a man they're calling a brazen cold-blooded rapist. 39-year-old aaron thomas was arrested at his home in new haven, connecticut, after being under police surveillance. he's suspected of assaulting women in four states over 12 years. police say a dna collected from his discarded cigarette gave them the evidence they needed. >> in the last few days, the task force received an anonymous tip from a crime solvers caller as well as they were able to put some information together themselves. both of these things coincided at the same time and they came up with the name of a suspect that was picked up today in new haven by the u.s. marshals. the work is not over, but i think it's probably a relief for everyone including and probably especially the victims. and we're relieved, too, because
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hopefully now there won't be any more victims out there. wisconsin governor scott walker has sent letters to 13 state union leaders warning of possible layoffs soon. the burning dispute over the state budget has sparked weeks of protests and we're told michael moore joined today's march. more than a dozen senate democrats have fled the state to prevent a budget vote. a sailor is fighting the navy after he says he was wrongly treated after being found asleep with another sailor. petty officer steven jones is accusing the navy of trying to get around the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" by trying to discharge him for unprofessional conduct. jones says he accidentally fell asleep on the same bed with another sailor when the two were watching a movie and adds, nothing sexual happened. his roommate walked in and later reported the incident to superiors. an ohio priest is headed to rehab after his drunken tirade was captured on video. here's what happened after the
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reverend ignatius curry was arrested and charged with drunken driving, then handcuffed inside a police jail cell. >> the sermon on the mount -- [ bleep ]. get these off of me because i'm getting a rash. i'll pay you whatever you want. what do you want, what do you want? [ bleep ], is that what you want? are you trying to get me for being a sexual slave? >> reverend kury has been removed as pastor of his church in south akron. his attorney says kury is, quote, horrified by what's captured on video by police. a tornado touched down in louisiana today killing a 20-year-old mother trying to protect her child. authorities say a tree fell on her in the town of rayne. the tornado also injured a dozen
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people. the national weather service reports it was an ef2 tornado with winds of more than 111 miles per hour that hit rayny about 70 miles west of baton rouge. the tornado left a trail of damage that was five miles long. the storm also brought heavy rains to new orleans forcing some last-minute changes to the mardi gras festivities being held there. authorities in mexico are denying reports that a town official is missing. a mexican newspaper reported yesterday that she had fled to the u.s. for safety. but town officials say she's been on leave taking care of a sick child and is due back at work on monday. several police officers and mayors in her region have been abducted and killed. the air force launched an atlas v rocket into space. it's caring a space plane.
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the military isn't providing many details. but officials have said the plane will be used to test out new spacecraft technologies. two launch attempts were scrubbed yesterday due to high winds. a few photo has been released by the office of wounded arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it's one of the last images taken of the congresswoman before she was shot in the head january 8th at a rally in tucson. the man in the photo, jim tucker, was shot twice in the rampage but survived. giffords is continuing her rehab at a medical facility in houston. the accused shooter, jared lee loughner, has been indicted on 49 counts. before you head into the kitchen to grab a snack tonight, you'll want to hear this. some types of a popular peanut butter are being recalled. skip pi's reduced fat creamy peanut butter spread and the chunk may be con tan nated with salmonella.
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so far, no illnesses from skippy brands have been reported. we begin with a full report now in libya. rebel forces claim they've made strategic gains in key cities. they even say they shot down a libyan jet fighter. but moammar gadhafi shows no sign of stepping down. right now, the u.s. is trying to stay out of it. but that could change. things are happening behind the scenes in case the situation spins out of control. and cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr is monitoring that for us tonight. barbara, how bad do things have to get before there's some intervention? >> reporter: well, president obama, don, made it very clear this week that he wants the u.s. military and the u.s. government to be able to respond very rapidly if things do spin out of control. the pentagon looking at the situation still hour by hour, watching the rebel forces launch their attacks, watching the gadhafi forces counterattack.
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what we're looking at by all accounts is a period of sustained conflict, if not outright civil war in libya. it's going to get very messy and make it very tough for the u.s. military to even contemplate stepping in if libya civilians become you should attack by the gadhafi government. >> sustained attacks. let's talk worst case scenario. possibly chemical weapons? >> reporter: you just said it. the gadhafi regime has stocks of mustard gas. people will tell you technically it's not in the form of a weapon right now. but that may not much matter, to be blunt. the pentagon has said right now it thinks that mustard gas is secure, that there's no evidence anyone is tampering with it. but that is something that the u.s. government is watching very carefully. nightmare scenario. what if gadhafi forces take that
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mustard gas, begin to do something with it, terrorize people. what if they simply continue to open up on civilians across libya? this is the problem. the u.s. military, of course, has two amphibious warships in the area, has an aircraft carrier on standby in the red sea. but there is very little stomach for stepping into this contact right now. >> robert gates said he was against this. but when the president was questioned on thursday when he was meeting with felipe kaeld ron about a no-fly zone. what are officials saying now? >> reporter: bob gates, mike mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs. the commanders who are deeply involved already in the two wars in iraq and afghanistan, frankly, don't want anything to
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do with a third conflict. and, in fact, in the u.s. military was ordered to undertake a no-fly zone, you are talking about a conflict. you're talking about u.s. warplanes going over libya, bombing those sites, bombing the anti-aircraft sites and taking lethal action to keep the libyan air force from flying. but that said, the other problem is, there's very little stomach for the u.s. to get involved by other countries in the region. there's nobody really calling for u.s. military involvement in libya right now. and circling back, don, that's what puts the white house in a very tough spot. if libyan civilians come under sustained attack, very tough to stand by and watch that and not do anything. but what do you do? and that's the problem even as we speak. >> pentagon correspondent barbara starr, barbara, thank you. much more on the crisis in libya coming up tonight. join me and john vause as we co-anchor an hour-long special coming up at 10:00 p.m. eastern.
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hours after wisconsin's governor takes a step toward handing out pink slips, celebrity support comes in. we'll take you to the state capitol for the latest coming up. a peaceful protest turns into a tragedy in the ivory coast. women gunned down. coming up, the devastating scene as it all played out. i'm online. check out my social media accounts and let's connect. from knowing when my next job will be to what i'll actually be doing. so in the rest of my life i like control. especially in my finances. that's why i have slate with blueprint. i can make a plan to pay off everyday things and avoid interest, or pay down my balance faster on the big stuff. that saves money. with slate from chase, i have everything under control... ♪ ...financially. announcer: debit card control and credit card flexibility. get both with slate.
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look at that. that's no criminal being tackled by police. that's a wisconsin state lawmaker. it's a sign of just how tense things have gotten in the political standoff over the wisconsin budget. state assemblyman nick millroy was wrestled to the ground when he tried to enter this building. the republican wisconsin governor is trying to balance a budget with spending cuts and restricting the bargaining rights of certain unions. >> reporter: wisconsin state capitol building closed here for the day. but protesters have not left, at least not yet. a pretty substantial great for a third weekend in a row. meantime, governor scott walker made good on his threats to send layoff notices to unions. those layoffs, possibly up to 1,500 of them could happen as early as april, unless his
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budget repair bill is passed within the next 14 days, two weeks. we did speak with one of the 14 state democratic senators who are holed up in illinois, avoiding a vote on the bill. senator fred resiwrister have b talking to their counterparts. but there's no end in sight, no deal is brokered and they have no plans to come back to wisconsin, not today and probably not tomorrow. and, of course, people here, the protesters here say they have no plans on going home. they're going to stay protesting here at the state capitol. in madison, wisconsin, jessica gomez, cnn. time for your viral videos. a sight we thought we'd never see. a tractor-trailer lost control on a slippery winter road in
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patchett last month. luck ri, the trucker was in the middle of amish country. a local farmer hitched up four horses and pulled the truck out of the ditch without breaking a sweat. that's what you call real horsepower. anytime you need cheering up, watch a video of a baby laughing. it works every time. this 8-month-old thought dad ripping up a job rejection letter was hysterical. so dad set up the camcorder and started tearing up the credit card statements as well. it's really cute. what a little nugget. our favorite viral video of the day is next. plus a new development tonight on the hollywood train wreck known as charlie sheen. you're not going to believe this one. so sit tight.
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unless you work for walmart, you probably don't know what happens each morning before the store opens. ♪ can you imagine? every store holds a team meeting with store employees to get everyone pumped up and in a good mood to greet customers. this is a brand-new store in
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lo longmont, colorado. the store manager was getting everywhere ready for the day ahead when someone put on "surfin' bird" by the trashmen. say what you want about walmart but it's not a bad way to have to start your day. let's talk about charlie sheen. the charlie sheen files just took an even weirder twist. the actor is planning to do a live internet broadcast on the internet tonight. it is another episode in the string of strange behavior that intensify after cbs announced it was canceling the rest of the season of his sit-com, "two and a half men." to sort it all out, we have our hollywood correspondent -- hollywood insider, alan duke, here in the studio. seriously, let's talk about this, alan. sheen gave interviews to cbs, abc, nbc and others and now he's interviewing himself. do you know if he's going to take questions?
7:21 pm
>> well, i would be surprised if he didn't. probably via twitter. he's become very active. he's calling it "sheen's corner." and it is on u-stream tonight. it's i guess the first episode of his new show. >> he's under contract constraints for cbs's "two and a half men" so he can't do another scripted show. i'm wondering if this is the set-up for a reality show that could be probably one of the number one shows on television. >> i'm wondering if this whole last week or two hasn't been a whole set-up for that because one way or the other, warner brothers may end up paying him for all those episodes. but he could branch out and start a new show and make even more money. >> so his behavior led the cbs producers to cancel the rest of the season. he's now more than -- out of more than $8 million. yet he seems to keep generating millions on sirius.
7:22 pm
there's a 24-hour channel devoted to him. they've offered him a contract with a milk company and even online site for ads. is it a meltdown or is he just -- i don't know. >> i think that's the good question. >> sly as a fox. >> it started as a meltdown, literally taken to the hospital in an ambulance the second time in several months, the same scenario, taken to cedar sinai. >> does he need "two and a half men"? seems like he doesn't if he's able to generate all this money. if we calculate, has any revenue actually been raised? >> he just added 1.7 million followers to twit they are week. you can sell tweets for just 10,0$10,000 a hit here or there. but he's only tweeted 45 times. five of them tonight to announce his show tonight on the internet, live, apparently, charlie sheen interviewing himself. >> i fell asleep with the comedy central channel on and i woke up and major league was an and there was charlie sheen staring
7:23 pm
at me from 1989. why do we care so much about charlie sheen? >> two things are going on. one, it's the train wreck. people love to watch a train wreck. he's been in the e.r. the last several months two times. he was arrested over a year ago for domestic violence. there's drug involved. we're waiting for something bad to happen. we watch for that train wreck with hollywood celebrities. people can't take their eyes off sheen. he's got followers who really like what he says and they like him and they idolize his philosophy. i think he's an inspiration to some young men, especially whether right or wrong, they see him as their idol. >> good for him or bad for him? i don't know if it's bad for him. as i said, he's still making money. does he need "two and a half men"? >> he's got a lot of money. who needs more money than he's got right now. but unlike lindsay lohan, he's
7:24 pm
not facing any criminal charges right now. >> stick around, good to have you here. we're going to talk more about charlie sheen and going viral. looks like charlie sheen wants cbs to pay -- put its money where its mouth is. the troubled actor says he wants to sue the network. does he really have a case? our legal analyst sunny hostin has the answer for you coming up. . ♪ defiant. ♪ and just what you need to forge your own path. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new... 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪
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already now on the sheen controversy. sheen says he plans to go after cbs for getting rid of his --
7:27 pm
the last eight episodes of his sit-com "two and a half men" he is on the "today" show talking about the conflict. >> the war is they're trying to destroy my family. i take great umbrage with that. and defeat is not an option. they picked a fight with a warlock. >> okay. that's a little odd. does he have a case? sunny hostin is here and she is our legal expert. she's going to answer some questions. a contributor to "in session" and also alan duke sticking around to help us out. sunny, you say, yes, sheen has a case but how good is his case? >> i do think he has a case. i've never litigated against a warlock. but basically it's really -- it depends on what his contract says. i wish i had a copy of it. i think every legal expert in the country is digging for that.
7:28 pm
but it really depends on what the contract says. interesting for me is that i don't think there's a morals contract which basically means he can do or say whatever he wants, act whichever way he wants as long as he is ready, willing and able to go to work. he has repeatedly said, i'm ready to go to work. if there's this thing called a nondisparagement clause, that means he can't talk about his bosses or about the production. i'm wondering if that he is there. if you remember, cbs dealt with all of the nonsense until he said those things about his boss. once he talked about mr. lorre, they yanked the show. i really wonder what that contract says. if it doesn't have that nondisparagement clause or that morals clause, i think he'll win. >> the question is, the millions of dollars, he's one of the highest paid in hollywood. is he going to get that for the episodes even if he doesn't work on the show again? >> if they've breach this had contrac
7:29 pm
contract,, yeah, they have to pay him for the work lost. he's the highest paid television actor, he gets paid up to $1.2 million per episode, if that's true, they have to pay him. so his threat is not an empty one. he's a warlock, he's a winner. it's possible he could win that lawsuit. >> he's under contract to cbs for this. but can charlie sheen, you think, still find work in hollywood? >> oh, yes. he's hot. he's picking up 1.7 million twitter followers just in a few days. this is just incredible. his popularity is branching out and i think we're much more aware of him than we were before. and so i would think a lot of producers would like to work with charlie sheen. >> i want to move on now to another angle. some people have criticized saying he's not gotten enough play in the whole controversy and that's sheen's history with violence against women. piers morgan asked him about it during their talk on monday.
7:30 pm
>> charlie sheen, there have been reports in the papers in the last two or three years hinting at violence by you towards -- one towards your wife and one towards a porn star in a hotel. were they true? did the drugs make you violent? do you regret what happened on those two incidents? >> no, those are two incidents where the scoreboard doesn't lie. the aspen thing was thrown out. the judge was like, get this guy out of my county. and the police report in new york didn't reflect anything. those are the guys that are going to report the facts. their jobs are on the line. >> have you ever hit a woman? >> i have not, no. no, women are not to be hit, they are to be hugged and caressed. there was an incident, everybody thought i hit her. i was trying to contain her -- >> who was that? >> her initials with b.a. i'll give you that much. >> sunny, was that accurate? were the charges dropped in colorado? >> no, that isn't accurate. and we know that he pled guilty, at least that's what's been
7:31 pm
reported. i don't have the documents in my hands. i do have a document in my hand, and that's the temporary restraining order that brooke mueller filed against him. on page eight, there's a history outlined as she alleges his history of domestic violence towards her. it's repeated starting as early as 2009 and ending just recently in february of 2011. so when he says he doesn't touch women, i think that's just a lie. winners don't touch women. winners don't beat women. but i think there's significant evidence that he is a loser when it comes to that. >> as we were listening to a portion of that interview on "piers morgan" about his statements, you were shaking your head. >> he entered a plea deal in august that called for jail time that was served during rehab. he went into a malibu rehab center and that counted as his time served. so, no, that charge was not dropped in aspen, krocht. >> his publicist has dropped him.
7:32 pm
he's going on the air waves, so to speak, himself. do you have any idea -- have you ever seen anything like this in your years of covering hollywood? >> no. this tops a lot of them. i have not seen anything quite like this. >> sunny, legally, have you ever seen anything like this? >> well, unfortunately i have, being a prosecutor. and i have seen a lot of violence against women. so unfortunately there is a lot of violence against women. and i think that charlie sheen is one of those perpetrators. >> sunny, alan, thank you. that's not the last word on charlie sheen. just how fast did sheen develop a twitter following? so fast it broke an official record. after joining twitter tuesday, he became the fasters person to reach 1 million followers on twitter. sheen reach that had milestone in just 25 hours and 17 minutes. two of the most anticipated tablet this is year. the apple ipad 2 and the blackberry playbook. coming up, we'll show you how they compare. free roadside assistance
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turning now to the troubled african nation of the ivory coast. we need to warn you the horrific scene you're about to watch is bloody and it is disturbing. it begins with a peaceful demonstration last thursday. women protesting against a man who won't give up the presidency despite losing last november's election. without warning, government
7:36 pm
security forces open fire killing at least seven people. ♪ [ gunfire ] >> it is horrific. killing at least seven women.
7:37 pm
the ivory coast is on africa's atlantic coast between liberia and ghana. it's the world's largest producer of cocoa, which is the raw material from which chocolate is made. a major storm system is in the southeast right now. it has brought reports of a tornado 80 west of baton rouge and downpours on the mardi gras celebrations and at least one death of a mother. jacqui jeras is here to tell us about this weather system and whether it's headed and the damage it's leading behind. >> an active evening, we have pictures of the damage. this is in rene, louisiana. the national weather service confirming it was an ef2 tornado, estimated winds of 111 to 135 miles per hour. touched down errol tli morning around 10:00 or so. a young mother was killed. 35 homes were damaged including downtown buildings and the local high school.
7:38 pm
the same parent cell also produced a tornado in nearby crowley. three people were injured there. the storm system continues to be on the move at this hour. and the tornado threat is still out there. here's the area we're concerned with across the panhandle of florida and southern parts of alabama. and i'm most concerned with this line right here. it's right along the coastal areas where we could see some waterspouts spin up, possibly a tornado as well as damaging winds with this. this is a very large, very extensive, very slow-moving system. and there's so much moisture in place with this. and all that rain and even, yes, snow now is moving all the way up into parts of canada. the ground in the ohio valley in particular, already very, very saturated. on top of that ground, basically everything is running off with this rainfall. so lots of flood watches and warnings remain in place. it's going to be a lousy weekend as this flooding continues. be very cautious if you have to travel. speaking of air travel, things
7:39 pm
are going to rough across parts of the east tomorrow as this storm system continues to make its way toward the atlantic coast. >> jacqui jeras, thank you very much. we're going to check our top stories right now on cnn. we start with the rebel forces inside libya. they say they shot down a jet fighter today. they also claim to have pro-gadhafi troops trying to take the city of zawiya. people have been stuck there after fleeing from libya. more than 130 egyptian refugees were today airlifted to cairo aboard two u.s. cargo planes. be sure to tune into our hour-long special on libya coming up at 10:00 p.m. eastern. wisconsin governor scott walker has sent letters to the leaders of 13 state employee unions warning of possible
7:40 pm
layoffs. the dispute over the state budget has sparked weeks of protests. we're told filmmaker michael moore joined today's march. more than a dezen senate democrats have fled the state to avoid a vote. rescuers could not rescue a man who fell down a mine. the man was injured when he fell down the abandoned mine shaft. at one point, rescuers lowered a camera into the shaft where they spotted him breathing but he wasn't moving. he worked on a nearby oil rig. even though it hasn't come out yet, it looks like the ipad 2 already has some competition. it will battle it out with the blackberry playbook for your money. straight ahead, we'll show you how the playbook measures up to the ipad.
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7:44 pm
2010. its founders are dennis crowley and navin. what is four square? >> with four square, what we're trying to do is build applications for mobile phones that help make the world easier to explore for people. people use four square to check in at all sorts of places. you can open up four square pretty much anywhere you are in the world and it will give you tidbits of things you should be doing nearby. check in at bars or coffee shops. whenever they go out to eat or at parks. when they check in, we let their friends know where they can find them. if i want to check in at four square headquarters, i can find four square on the list and broadcast to all my friends that i'm at four square headquarters with cnn. >> reporter: if you were to -- if someone were to say to you, the president or the secretary of treasury were to call you in and say, we need a lot more entrepreneurship in america, we need a lot more innovation, we need a particular on technology, what should we do to have lots
7:45 pm
more of this kind of thing, these kinds of companies? >> we've actually been called for advice on similar things. i think a lot of it is -- it's two parts. one is to educate students, youngsters about this path in life that you can go do something on your own. if you fail, you start over again. or if you fail, the steady job is waiting to pick you up and bring you back to where you could be. >> america was once number one across the board in key areas like education, infrastructure, competitiveness and much more. but recently, we have fallen back in every category. so what's it going to take to get the u.s. back on top? make sure you tune in tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m. eastern for the cnn special "restoring the american dream" with fareed zakaria. the ipad 2 is not even in stores yet. speaking of innovation. and that will happen next friday, earlier than thought. but there's already talk about what's coming out to compete with it. the buzz on the ipad 2 reached a crescendo on wednesday after a
7:46 pm
surprise appearance by ceo steve jobs introduced the new ipad. jobs said the 2, that's what he calls the ipad 2, the 2 is faster, thinner, lighter than the first. with all this ipad mania, it makes you wonder, can anything even compete? so this is the manager of "in gadget." he's holding a playbook right now. do you have the playbook? >> it's right here. >> of all the tablets out there, why could the playbook give the ipad 2 a run for its money? >> the playbook is a little bit smaller. if you look at the ipad. here's an ipad. the playbook is about half as big. it's smaller, a little bit more portable. and the thing about the playbook is it integrates really well with your blackberry. there are a lot of blackberry fanatics out there who are really into their blackberries. they're really into what they can do with a blackberry. the playbook when you get it is
7:47 pm
going to sync to your blackberry over bluetooth, pull down your e-mail, your calendars, your contacts. do it all automatically. it's really small. it's half the size of an ipad. but it's powerful as well. this one, you can see i've got it running, there's in gadget. it's playing a game. there's an earth simulator going on there. if i take it over to media, i can open a video. and it will play a video right while it's doing all this other stuff. >> you can multitask on it -- >> you can multitask really well. it's running a video. it has flash. >> that's one of the drawbacks of the ipad is that it doesn't have flash. so what are the drawbacks of the playbook? >> well, the ipad has, what, 65,000 apps on it? that's a lot. it's only going to get -- that's only going to keep growing over time. apple's done a really good job of courting developers to the ipad. the new ipad 2 looks pretty
7:48 pm
great. r.i.m. and the blackberry brand have to do better to bring developers to the platform and compete with third-party apps. there are some rumors the playbook will run android apps. r.i.m. won't say whether or not that's true. i hope it's true. that would really help the playbook start to compete right away with the ipad. the big question for the playbook at launch is going to be, what's the app story for it? >> back to the initial question, can the playbook really compete with the ipad? >> i think it can. apple is one of the few brands out there that really inspires passion from its users. i think if you ask blackberry users how they feel about their phones, a lot of them are going to have that same sort of passion for the brand. you take that, bring it to a tablet. the playbrook addresses one of the big weaknesses of blackberry phones which is that it doesn't have a good browser. it's really portable.
7:49 pm
if you have a big purse or a big pocket, you can carry it with you all the time. it addresses the "my blackberry doesn't have a good browser." hopefully over time, r.i.m. will make the blackberry a bit more powerful. but right now, this is the answer for blackberry users who want to stay on their e-mail with their phone anze get some of this more powerful, portable computing. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. a father and son reunite after nearly six decades. and get this, they found each other on facebook. their emotional reunion coming up.
7:50 pm
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7:52 pm
we have this just in to cnn. involving crime ridden juarez, mexico. the mayor making an admission about violence in his city, a city that's had more than 3,000 murders last year alone. the president, our president met with the mexican president earlier this week and they spoke about the violence happening in mexico. we want to go now to cnn's national desk editor. he's on the border in else pa p
7:53 pm
and joins us by phone. >> reporter: the questioning was actually very tough on our part. the mayor admitting to cnn camera the city is at war. the city has lost many lives, many holmes, 3,000, over 3,000 last year. he was pressed about it. he mentioned -- everybody wants crime to go down. people in detroit, people in chicago, people here and that's when he said this city is at war, this is a fight. not only that he says we're winning that fight. >> what took him so the long admit this? was it because of pressure? was he worn down? he stootd tough for a while saying -- i don't know if he was ignoring the problem. he wouldn't admit they were at war. >> reporter: to be clear and upfront about it i've been trying get ahold of him for six months now. today he was in a very public venue. taking a much different approach from the last mayor that the city had since he got in office in october. he's been holding social events
7:54 pm
in some of the poorest neighborhoods. today he was in the southern area where 15 students last year were massacred. he was out in a public venue and felt comfortable enough to go on camera and say this city is at war. >> as you have been spending time there give us the mood of the people in that city. what is it like to walk around that city every day? >> reporter: i'm in el paso, down on the border. there's not one person in el paso that hasn't been affected in some way by the violence. whether you call it spillover, or indiscriminate violence coming over to the united states it's affecting the mindset and the psyche of folks that live in el paso. i have spoken to many folks since i've been here and all of them said things change. you used to be able to come to el paso and they labelled it as the two nation vacation. people just don't do that any
7:55 pm
more. tell passo times estimates 30,000 people have fled for el paso, texas. >> can we talk about miss garcia. she's a police chief there. one of the most violent cities and there was some concern that she may have dome the u.s. because for fear for her safety. but it's been reported now she's just on leave taking care of a sick child. this is a very real threat to authorities, to police, to mayors who are in public office. >> reporter: as we talked about before, don, you had me on before. this is a reoccurring theme. this is a phenomenon of women who are speaking out, taking up positions of power. they are being threatened. we don't know and have yet to confirm. there's three versions of what she is up to right now. one has her in juarez, another in el paso. another says she's on sick leave
7:56 pm
because of her 1-year-old baby. activists have been killed. female activists who have spoken out against the corruption in their cities. people are dying here. innocent people are dying just for speaking out against the incriminate ridden nature of what's happening in this area of the united states and the border. and mexico. >> with a startling admission from the juarez mayor. thank you, nick. stay safe. it was an emotional reunion 57 years in the making and all thanks to facebook. coming up we'll take you to a reunion between a father and son who hadn't seen each other in almost six decades. i know whay than many other allergy medications. omnaris. omnaris. to the nose! did you know nasal symptoms like congestion can be caused by allergic inflammation? omnaris relieves your symptoms by fighting inflammation.
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in. tennessee a very emotional reunion. a father and son reunite after six decades thanks to facebook. let me come over to you. >> so hard to believe. >> yeah. too many years. >> too many years. >> alvin miller sr. hadn't seen his son in 57 years. when alvin jr. was 6 years old he left the area with his mother while his father was still in the navy. >> i've always known somewhere i had the family. and in turn i
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